8 Best Air cooler in India to Buy in 2021- Buying Guide

When the dry heat outside raises its head and we need to get rid of it the most affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution we get is the best air cooler in India. This is a simple machine that uses the simple science of evaporation to cool the air inside and throw outside to cool the room. We have another solution that is an air conditioner; however, it comes with a lot of financial burden of buying it as well as running it as an electric bill. Moreover, air conditioners don’t go well with the health of everyone as it causes headache with quite some people.

Air coolers don’t cause a headache as it uses the natural method of cooling without any use of harmful gases as air conditioners. Air coolers are also preferable because of its environment friendliness, it uses less electricity, doesn’t produce any harmful gases. So it looks like a perfect solution to beat the heat outside.

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Types of Air Cooler

1. Desert Air Coolers

These are huge air coolers that come with huge fans and motor to blow the air to you. These types of air coolers are consumed a lot of water to function so the water storage tank is also very large around 40-60 liters in case of these air coolers. They are made to function for long hours. Though they are big these air coolers can be moved from here and there using a castor wheel fitted below.

The wind-blown is extremely chilled and large in volume which ensures a perfectly chilled room. These air-coolers are installed in areas where the area size is big and people-gathering is large for example halls, restaurants, marriage functions, meetings, etc.

2. Personal Coolers

Personal air coolers are made to use in houses. They are comparatively small and compact, easily moveable; consume less electricity and less water. They are fitted with a mediocre level of the water storage tank of around 25-40 liters. You will not have to tolerate the thundering sound produce in the case of Desert air coolers.

You can use it in your bedroom and easily take it to the dining room as per your requirements. Though the size is small you can’t find any lack in the capabilities and efficiency concerning the chilled air blow.

3. Tower coolers

If you are struggling with space at your home and searching for a beautiful solution then tower coolers are for you. They are long tower shape coolers that take less area to install. They have a water tank capacity of 20 to 40 liters which lasts long. They consume comparatively less energy, less water. They are also easily moveable with a castor wheel. You can move them here and there very easily.

4. Window coolers

Window coolers are very much similar to window air conditioners. They are designed to be installed on the windows. They come with a water tank of around 50 liters. The energy consumption is around one part out of 10 parts as compared to air conditioners. You can use them as normal air coolers using the stand that comes free with it fitted with wheels for movement also.

Best Air Cooler In India – Reviewed

1. Symphony Diet 35T Dura-pump Sleek Air Cooler

Equipped with the cooling media, which is basically the honeycomb pad for cooling and dispenser that are both high in quality, this product promises the best air cooling. This is the first reason why this Symphony Diet air cooler falls into the “Best Air Cooler In India” list. A mosquito net is also given for the prevention of mosquitoes or other insects.

Apart from that, this cooler is equipped with an indicator for the water level so you can check the level whenever you like. Furthermore, this is equipped with Diet 35T dura-pump in order to promise the pump longevity. Also, the “i-pure technology” that it comes with ensures multi level filters for the purification of air to prevent from any allergy, bacteria, dust, etc.


  • Control panel has controls that one can use without any hassle
  • You can easily move it around and hence, it’s portable
  • Electricity is saved
  • It’s equipped with multiple level of filtration 
  • It’s energy efficient


  • It can’t be used for spaces with large area (that is up to 50 m3)
  • This doesn’t come with a remote

2. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque Air Cooler 

Equipped with Turbo Fan Technology, this air cooler by Bajaj is one of the best air cooler to be used specifically in a location like India. It ensures you are provided with highly-efficient and effective cooling. Also, this cooler has 3-Side cooling pads that are easily removed when required. It doesn’t make any kind of noise while functioning and hence, allows a smooth functioning.

Also, this air cooler is highly-compatible to work on an invertor if required during any power supply cut. Moreover, if you are thinking of the smell any cooler causes when it’s whole new or required to be cleaned, you must believe that it won’t stay if it’s cleaned 1-2 times a week. Furthermore, it allows a powerful throw of air of up to 70 feet. 


  • Provision of honeycomb cooling media for a better cooling experience
  • 100 W of Power Consumption
  • This cooler suits every weather and climate condition.
  • Good product for personal use
  • This is provided with a castor wheel so it’s easy to be moved.
  • It’s equipped with 36 liters of the amazing capacity of the water tank
  • 3-way control of speed 


  • Only used for spaces up to 150 Sq. Ft. and no more than this.

3. Orient DX CP1601H Air Cooler – Electric Smartcool 


This DX CP1601H air cooler by Orient is suitable to function on the inverter as well. You are investing in a product that is also equipped with a net in order to protect you from mosquito/insect and more. Moreover, this air cooler by Orient is equipped with a cooling pad and consists of an ABS plastic body that is completely shockproof. 

It has a capacity of about 16 liters and comes with a remote control that makes it the best cooler and preferable to other coolers. Also, it comes with an anti-rust warranty. The mechanical knob control makes it an even better option when you look forward to investing in the best air cooler in India. Furthermore, it ensures 25% better cooling.


  • This is equipped with honeycomb cooling media
  • Air delivery is good enough that is 1300m3/hr
  • The air cooler ensures speed control with 3 options i.e. High, Medium, and Low
  • It’s equipped with a function called Auto water fill
  • 4 castor wheels are given in order to provide ease when it comes to mobility
  • It’s equipped with an ice compartment for ensured cooling
  • Highly durable


  • This cooler is not suitable for larger spaces

4. Bajaj Frio Air Cooler

Equipped with a powerful air throw that is 30 feet, this Frio air cooler by Bajaj ensures that air reached each area of your room it is placed. Also, this cooler comes with 23-liters of water capacity for ensuring the cooling for extra hours than usual. Moreover, this air cooler by Bajaj is equipped with the cooling media that has a Hexagonal Design.

This helps to ensure that you get the maximum level of cooling that too by consuming the least amount of water and hence, it’s the best cooler in India when it comes to water consumption. Moreover, its ice chamber has space to store cubes of ice that ensures a better and longer cooling experience.


  • This is equipped with blower based cooling technology for easy and fast cooling of the room.
  • 3 Speed Control system so you can make adjustments to the airflow depending on your need
  • Provision of ice compartment for a better cooling experience
  • Great for personal use
  • 140 W of Energy Consumption


  • This is ideally used for areas with only up to 150 Sq Ft and no more than that.

5. Symphony HiCool-i Modern Air Cooler

Equipped with the effective and efficient cooling media that is the cool flow dispenser and pads, this air cooler allows good cooling. Also, it comes equipped with a control panel that is quite friendly to its users. This Symphony air cooler further ensures an enhanced cooling experience with its multistage purification of air from any allergy or dust particle and more. This is because it’s equipped with i-pure technology.

Furthermore, this cooler comes with a powerful dura-pump, which is quite durable and works for long hours without failing. This is one of the reasons why it comes into the list of the 8 best air cooler in India. Also, this comes with remote control with enough controls.


  • 185 watts of Power Consumption and functions on inverter too.
  • You are protected from voltage fluctuations because of its Auto Shut-off technology that it comes equipped with.
  • This cooler is suitable for every weather and climate condition.
  • Provision of honeycomb cooling media for an enhanced cooling experience
  • Amazing cooler for home use
  • It comes equipped with 31 liters of the capacity of the water tank


  • Only suitable for spaces up to 50 cubic meters and not more than that.

6. Kenstar Dx 50-Litre Double Cool Air Cooler 

With an air throw to up to a distance of 35 feet, this air cooler by Kenstar is one of the best among “Best Cooler For Home list”. It is able to deliver air at (m3/hr): 1750 without making you pay for a high amount when you buy it. Moreover, with adjustable speed control options, you are able to settle your airflow to high, medium or low depending upon what you feel like having.

You are further able to cool a space with an area of up to 20 square meters. However, to ensure proper cooling and airflow, you should ensure keeping it where there is cross-ventilation. It will surely work effortlessly and provide you with an amazing cooling experience in those days of extreme heat.


  • Economical cooler to invest in
  • Very low power consumption
  • Durable product with sustained cooling
  • It cools down your room constantly
  • You are able to install this cooler easily and quickly
  • Good product to be used for personal needs.
  • Louvre Movement is ensured
  • Provision of cooling pads
  • 50 liters of water tank capacity


  • Not suitable for large spaces.

7. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Air Cooler

This cooler comes equipped with i-pure technology and hence, you are ensured with multi-level purification of air with different filters to prevent dust and more. This way, you are given clean and cool air. Moreover, the powerful dura-pump is put to use in the cooler that ensures the pump’s longevity. 

Also, this air cooler by Symphony comes with honeycomb cooling media/pads in order to provide you with an effective cooling experience. It is also equipped with a control system that has dial knob controls in order to modify the airflow, swing, cooling, etc. depending on what your need is.


  • This is equipped with highly-efficient and effective media for cooling.
  • Provision of ice compartment for a better cooling experience
  • 27 liters of good enough water capacity
  • 105 W of Energy Consumption
  • Good product for personal use


  • Only used for spaces up to 46 cubic meters and no more than this.

8. Bajaj PCF 25DLX Air Cooler 


Equipped with the hexagonal design and hexacool technology, this air cooler by Bajaj helps to provide you with an amazing cooling experience. Moreover, the consumption of water is low. You will find no hassle when it comes to moving it from one point to another. Other than that, since it provides you with an air throw to up to 18 feet distance, you are able to cool your home effectively.

Also, not just that, you can also opt for the modification of airflow (with the use of the blower controls that has 3 levels) as per your need. Moreover, the design of this Bajaj cooler is very compact, and hence, it could be used in any size room.


  • 80 watts of Power Consumption 
  • It’s equipped with castor wheels to provide easy mobility that is with 4-way mobility.
  • Good product to be used for personal needs.
  • This equipped with 24 Litres of the capacity of the water tank
  • This air cooler by Bajaj is suitable for every weather and climate condition.


  • Only suitable for spaces up to 150 Sq Ft. and not more than that.

Buying Guide before you Invest in the Best Air Cooler

Whenever you go to the market to buy something you should have a sound knowledge of the different products so that you buy the right thing to fulfill all your needs. Here, we are going to discuss different features and specification of an air cooler, which are available in the market to explore. Moreover, these guidelines will help you get the best cooler for home.

1. Water tank capacity

Water is the most essential requirement of air coolers. Water is supplied on the cooling pads which come in contact with the inflow air. The water molecules get evaporated consuming the heat of inflow air cooling them down to great extent. The water requirement of coolers differs from one to another based on their sizes and running span. The water tank decides the frequency of water refill per day.

A larger water tank means less frequency of refill and a longer time gap. Desert air coolers come with a larger water tank and personal air coolers come in comparatively smaller sizes. For a personal air cooler, the tank size varies from 20 to 30 liters and for desert air coolers it ranges from 31 to 50 liters. You should go then to a water tank which wills enough for your whole day running at your place.

2. Airflow

It is the rate of air movement due to the air cooler per minute. It is measure in terms of CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). It depends on the area of your room and its height. It can be calculated by finding out the volume of your room and dividing it by 2. You can get the volume of your room by multiplying the area of the room with the height divided by 2. (For example-Let the area of your room is 400sq.feet and height is 10 feet. So the volume of your room will be 4000 cubic feet and the CFM=4000/2=2000 CFM).

The airflow also depends upon the type of air producer (Blower or Fan). Fans create large volume air at low pressure which makes it suitable for desert air coolers and the blower creates high-pressure air making it more justified for small rooms. These days’ coolers are coming with multiple airflow settings ensuring utmost comfort.

3. Cooling pads

Cooling pads are the most vital part of the air cooler which makes brings contact with the inflow air with the water. In the cooling pad, the evaporation of water takes place. So, cooling pads play a key role in the cooling process. The thickness of the cooling pads decides how much water will come in contact with the inflow air making simple logic of larger thickness means greater cooling.

You will find two kinds of cooling pads in the market based on the material they use i.e. Aspen and Cellulose. Aspen pads are made from wood shaving and artificial fiber. They cost less, need high maintenance, and last for a short time. On the other hand cellulose pads thicker, lower maintenance, and higher life. They cost more as compare to the aspen but have a greater lifespan.

4. Design and aesthetics

Many people don’t prefer air coolers because of their bulky ugly look. They take a large space of your room and don’t go well with the beautifully designed interior. Taking consideration of this thing, now, manufacturers are coming with sleek stylish and beautiful-looking air coolers making them a perfect match to your interior. Decide your air cooler taking into consideration of your room color.

5. Electricity consumption 

With electricity bills rising sky-high air cooler manufacturers are making energy efficient air coolers. They consume less electricity and save you from high bills. Moreover, they can be run on inverters to ensure uninterrupted cooling despite the electricity cut.

6. Control Instruments

Air coolers are no more just the assembly of a fan and water tank. They have evolved so much from the beginning that now they are coming with remote controls. There are various things which you have control on for example whether you want a water pump on/off, speed of the airflow, and swinging of air for equivalent distribution of air. The air coolers with remote control price a little bit higher but it is worth the price.


There is a huge range of air coolers available in the market with various specifications. Air coolers are a great choice from both economic and health points of view. Air coolers have another advantage of being environmentally friendly. So as the summer is approaching near go and search for the best air cooler according to your need and pick it immediately to beat the heat of this summer.

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