Best Window AC in India

Summers are very uncomfortable. Relying on just cooler or a fan doesn’t work. With humidity kicking in, coolers can be way more harmful than being good, especially when there are sensitive electronics like laptops around. So, what to do?

Well, the answer is very simple. Having an air conditioner can be really helpful. If the AC is good, it will cool down the room quick. It will help take care of the humidity, which is very common, especially in the summer of India. Split ACs can be a luxury item, and they are also cost more. So, a window AC will work right to save one from the heat and will even cost way lesser. So, based on ones’ requirement, one can make their choice and avoid the summer heat.

Window AC available in India

LG 1.5 Ton 3-star Inverter Window AC

LG is a well-known brand that is totally different from other brands available in the market. The brand is trying to redefine the design and has persisted for years. This 3-star AC has features as it operates well both in high-cooling and power-saving modes and the dual inverter motors are highly capable of operating at the low noise level, i.e., up to 44dB. It also has copper used in for the complete heat exchanger, that helps in better cooling. It is well-equipped with some of the best features and provides performance better than the existing competitors in the market.


  • Capacity- 1.5 ton
  • Type- Window
  • Power consumption- 1370.63 units

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5-star Window AC

Well-known in the line of refrigerators manufacturing, Voltas as a brand has been growing and expanded its business in the line of the making of Air Conditioners. The Indian plant of the brand has been creating 1.5ton window ac rated 5-star. The cooling capabilities help to keep the temperature within the home quite balanced even if the outside temperature of 55-degrees. Even during monsoon, the AC is quite capable of handling the excess humidity.


  • Capacity- 1.5ton
  • Type- Window
  • Power Consumption- 1157.20 unit (in watts)
  • Working- Eco mode and Sleep mode (to maintain a steady temperature)


Carrier 1.5ton 5-star Window AC

Carrier holds a well-known brand in the industrial cooling items. However, the brand also makes window ACs (only for masses). It is one strong recommendation for people who are looking to buy the window ACs. The best part of it is that it shuts off with the compressor being turned off. It helps to save a lot on the electricity bill. What separates it from the other AC’s available in the market is the built-in dust filter which as on today is essential. Another important feature of this AC is that it is able to handle even 55-degrees. So, do not worry, even if it outside there is blistering hot, the AC unit compressor will be able to handle the cooling indoors.


  • Capacity- 1.5ton
  • Star Rating- 5
  • Type- Window
  • Power consumption- 1582W


Buying guide- Choosing Best Window AC in India

Making a choice for the right AC might get confusing at times as there are so many variants available in the market with some exquisite features. So, look out for the following guide before making a choice for the AC.

Room size

Not all ACs are suitable for every room due to different cooling capacities, i.e., 1ton AC installation will be effective for a room in between 50-100sqft. So, make sure to look for room size before purchasing the AC.

Power Consumption

Indian summers can be very difficult and therefore all wish to have a working ac not just for a day but also for comfortable nights. 5-7 hours a day the working AC will consume a lot of energy and the effects of which can be seen on the electricity bill. So, one should make sure to look for ac with power-saving facility availability. Looking for power wattage and rating (5-star consumers less power) will definitely work.


Looking for some extra features is always helpful. So, features like temperature control, auto mode, sleep mode, dehumidifier, feature availability, and alike are some of the common features one must look for before buying an ac.


Final Words

Hope you got an idea about what to look for while buying an ac. Just make sure to look for it so that for the location it has been chosen for can take complete advantage of the investment made.


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