How To Clean AC Filters?

To function well, there is a requirement to provide proper maintenance & cleaning to appliances. Same is the case with the air conditioning’s air filters. If dirty, they need much more energy for running and this, in turn, leads to an increase in the electricity bills. So, if the filter of your air conditioning isn’t cleaned regularly and is covered with bacteria, dust, mold, grime and alike, do not wait any longer and compromise with the air quality.

This guide has been prepared to guide one along the process of cleaning the air conditioning filter. Give a read and take necessary steps.


AC unit- Turn it off

Make sure to do it because if left otherwise, it will lead the unfiltered air circulation all through the home. Once done, follow the following steps,

  • Open the unit using a screwdriver and then remove the filter.
  • Multiple vents are there in some of the units. Give a quick inspection to ensure every single filter has been removed.
  • Give a look at the filter and based on the requirement (cleaning/changing), do the needful.


Vacuum the filter 

  • Know that it’s time to clean if there is dust or any build-up.
  • Just in case, no grime build-up signs are shown by the central air filter, using a hose attachment from the vacuum cleaner, remove the debris.
  • Just in case the vacuum hose doesn’t work to remove the build-up, wash the filter.


Washing the filter

  • In order to have a deep cleaning, one half of the sink is to be filled with water while the other with vinegar. Once done, allow the HVAC filter to soak in there for an hour.
  • After taking out the filter, use fresh water to rinse it and then allow it to dry fully before it is installed back in the AC unit.
  • Just in case the filter doesn’t fit in the sink, wash it using a garden hose. Just make sure no pressurized setting is there, or it will damage the filter.


Replacement of the filter

  • With time the filters get damaged or work out, and they require a replacement. Wear rubber gloves while doing it.
  • Check-in for the signs, for damage or holes or excessive grime, and if there is any, it is time for a replacement.
  • While trying to do the replacement process, read the packaging and see the manufacturer guarantee. Also, ensure to keep track over the calendar for replacement of filter as per the specifications received from the manufacturer.


Tips for cleaning an Air Conditioner Filter

While trying to clean the filters, there are some of the tips which will be helpful if followed.

  • Optimal efficiency is received with timely cleaning of filters. So, make sure to do the cleaning either before the summer days (100-degrees) or below the winter days (freezing), if possible.
  • Allow the filter to dry for at least 30 minutes before replacement. This helps avoid any kind of mold issues.
  • Method to clean the filter also depends on its types. Make sure to read the instructions before confirming with the right technique.
  • Know beforehand if your ac has an electrostatic air filter and ensure from the manufacturer if the same is washable. If not, replace it.
  • Some of the disposable ac filters are to be replaced and not cleaned. Do, as required.
  • Cleaning the fan and coils is essential. Do it regularly to avoid any kind of build-up or dirt.


Air conditioners workload decrease with proper and timely cleaning of the air filters. Save energy. Just make sure to do the cleaning (use water or vacuum) using the right tools and in case of any query, connect with the manufacturer. 

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